Ridom SeqSphere+

Current Version: 4.1

Updating SeqSphere+ to version 4.1

This version requires not only a CLIENT but also a SERVER update. The installations of the two updates usually require administration rights on the computer(s) where the client and server are running. If only the client is updated the user can only login in read-only mode until the server is updated.

Therefore please use the following steps to update the server first and then the client:

  1. Start the SeqSphere+ client. A client update notice window will open. Press 'No' to don't download and install the client update yet.
  2. Login as SeqSphere+ Administrator (or any SeqSphere+ account with administration rights).
  3. Invoke from the menu Administration | Server System Administration.
  4. Press the button Server Online Update and confirm the download and installation of the update.
  5. The server is shutting down after the update was installed. Wait a few minutes until the shutdown has completed.
  6. Start the SeqSphere+ server again (e.g., by using the shortcut in the Windows Sart menu).
  7. In the SeqSphere+ client use the menu Help | Search Online Update and press 'Yes' in the upcoming dialog to download the client update. (In some current versions the progress dialog for the download will not proceed, however, the download still proceeds in the background.)
  8. After the download is finished, press 'Install Now' to install and exit the client.
  9. If the client runs on Windows, the Windows authentication dialog opens when the downloaded update is installed. Confirm this dialog.
  10. Start the SeqSphere+ client again, login as SeqSphere+ Administrator and control the backup settings.

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions about the updates.


Please use the Ridom SeqSphere+ menu Help | About after the client has been updated to see the complete list of version changes.

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