Ridom SeqSphere+

Tutorial Videos

SeqSphere+ Introduction [14 min, with audio]
SeqSphere+ Listeria JCM 2015 outbreak re-analyzed [8 min, no audio]
cgMLST (MLST+) Overview [15 min, with audio]
cgMLST (MLST+) Schema Deployment [13 min, with audio]

Step by Step Tutorials with Demonstration Data


SeqSphere+ Overview Tutorials

Tutorial for M. tuberculosis cgMLST Typing with Illumina Data
Tutorial for SeqSphere+ Assembly and cgMLST Analysis Pipeline
Tutorial for MLST Typing with Sanger Sequencing Data

cgMLST Scheme Tutorials

Tutorial for Creating an Ad hoc cgMLST Scheme
Tutorial for Creating a Stable cgMLST Scheme

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